Best Running Apps For Android (September 2023 Updated)

Are you a fitness freak and searching for the best running apps for your android device that help you count the calories, steps, and a lot more? If yes, then you have hit the right website because I will tell you about the 7 best running apps for android.

These days fitness has become the major issue for all, so to keep our body in shape, many people choose to join a gym, yoga classes, cardio, and a lot more. However, many people prefer running as it is one of the best ways to maintain our body shape.

And hopefully, we have thousands of apps that help us count the steps, running speed, calories burnt, running distance, and pulse rate. The only thing you have to do is to choose the best among all running apps which suit you better.

So if you are confused about choosing the best one, then no need to worry about that because below I had explained the 7 best running apps for android. And the apps which I had mentioned below will definitely help you to get your body into shape.

7 Best Running Apps For Better Health

Following are probably the best 7 running apps for android, which are available on the google play store. These apps come off with built-in sensors on them, enabling you to track basic metrics like distance, pace, speed, calories burnt, and even track a map of your running route. So read all the details of each app and choose the best one for you.

Strava Tracker

Strava is one of the most popular running apps, which is extremely used by cyclists, athletes, runners, and swimmers worldwide. This app offers in-depth GPS tracking, which works in a variety of GPS devices. It’s entirely compatible with both ios and android devices.

Strava Tracker

This app is accompanied by several remarkable features, but many people appreciate this app due to a couple of key reasons. Firstly it allows you to track your bike and run workout in one simple to view location in which you can track your running mileage from week to week.

Secondly, it has the segment feature, which allows you to compare yourself to any other runner who’s been over at the same route as you, whether that be on the streets or on the roads. And most importantly, you can compare yourself to top world-class athletes or pros who also have run those segments too.

Runkeeper – Distance Run Tracker

Runkeeper is the simplest way to improve fitness. This app is the most trusted fitness app, which has already helped millions of people to get their bodies into shape. It guides you and motivates you to finish a race, lose weight or get in shape.

Runkeeper - Distance Run Tracker

It simply allows you to work out your target pace for events and training sessions. Suppose you have a target time in your mind for an event, you can input that distance and time to calculate your target pace per kilometer or a mile and take things a step further. It also breaks it down into nice chunks for the time that you have passed through.


TrainingPeaks is an essential online training log in which you can sync your device and apps to upload workouts in this app automatically. And then, from there, you can analyze these workouts. It helps you track how much time you are spending in a certain zone, your peak pace, and even how much stress and fatigue you accumulate from your training.

And if you have a coach, then it becomes easy for you as your coach can use the training peaks to upload your training plan so that you can quickly and easily check in to see what training you have to do on an upcoming day, even on the absence of your coach.

Running Heroes

Sometimes we struggle to get ourselves out the door to do our workout due to the lack of motivation. So if you are one of those, then running heroes will be an ideal app for you. With this app, we get rewarded for our runs.

You can simply record your run in the app itself, or you can link it to the other training apps or devices then you can sync your workouts. And then, after each run, you accumulate points that you can use those points to get prizes and discounts on products.

RunGo – Audio-Guided Running Routes

RunGo is quite possibly one of the best running apps. If you are into exploring your runs or have a knack for getting lost, then the RunGo app is just made for you. Rather than pulling up a map on your phone and have to stop all the time, you can build a route into this app.

RunGo - Audio-Guided Running Routes

Furthermore, you can select a pre-made one and then listen out for directions whilst when you are running along with that; this app directs you to run along with the pace, duration, distance, and elevation.

Zombies, Run!

Zombies run is a running as well as an adventure app where you will get some fitness with fun. Well, sometimes running can be hard. So this app will help you to turn your normal run into a story about survival. Rather than just tracking stats and numbers from your run, you can use zombie chasers as interval training.

The only thing you have to do is to select a run or a workout from within the app and then listen to the story. But make sure you don’t have to take it too seriously; otherwise, you might get a few odd looks. So if you want to add some thrill and adventure to your workout session, this is probably the best app for you.


Zwift helps you to add some fun to your running or workout time. This app is accompanied by several games containing plenty of serious training that will help you achieve each of your fitness goals with the easiness and fun.

This app allows you to ride or run with others in a virtual environment. It allows you to create your own casual ride or run to increase your training levels to smash your goals. Moreover, you can make your run better by analyzing your workout to improve your performance.

Wrapping It Up

So that’s it, these are my top picks for the 7 best running apps for android in 2023. I hope you have got all the details regarding all the above-mentioned apps. So if you are a fitness freak, then the apps I mentioned in this post will surely help you get your body into proper shape.

Also, if you have some suggestions or you want me to give a review on any app, then simply comment below. I will definitely review that app. and finally, thanks for reading the article cautiously. For more tech-related guides, bookmark our website.

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