Fix Wi-Fi Hotspot not working in Android

Fix: Wi-Fi Hotspot not working in Android (Ultimate Guide)

Updated on November 23, 2022

Are you facing issues while connecting your android device with a hotspot or Wi-Fi? If yes, then don’t worry because here in this post, I will tell you how to fix your Wi-Fi or hotspot not working or whatever problems you are facing while connecting any android device with the hotspot.

Nowadays, we all have a smartphone, but smartphones are not more than a telephone without an internet connection. So to explore the full highlights of any smartphone, we must have an active internet plan.

However, you can still use the data of any other android device by connecting with the hotspot or Wi-Fi, but sometimes we may get issues such as not connecting or working. So to overcome these problems, I will give you some tips to fix the hotspot not working on android devices.

So below, I had explained some possible ways or methods which will definitely help you to fix the hotspot not working or connecting on android devices. I suggest you all read all the tips cautiously so that you can understand the issues and fix them.


5 Ways to Fix Hotspot Not Working or Connecting on Android Device

Following are the possible ways to fix the hotspot or Wi-Fi not connecting or working issues on android devices. I hope these tips will help you fix the issues you will face while connecting to Wi-Fi or a hotspot.

Restart Your Device

Restarting your device is one of the basic ways to solve this problem because many of the time we don’t keep our mobile switched off and due to this our device won’t get rest, and it becomes heavy, and most of the applications start misbehaving.

And sometimes, many of the features of our device doesn’t work properly, so to fix these kinds of issues; you must give a fresh start to your device by restarting it. After that, you can try to connect to Wi-Fi or a hotspot and see whether it is working or not.

But almost every time, this trick works. So if you have got your problem fix with this method, then it’s great. But if this trick still doesn’t work, then don’t worry. I will tell you another trick which is mentioned below.

Reset Setting

Sometimes the default setting of our device gets disturbs, and this may also become an issue to connect to any hotspot or Wi-Fi, so to fix these issues, I explained how to restore the default setting of our device.

  1. Go to Mobile Settings
  2. Click on the general management
  3. Now click on the reset
  4. After clicking, you will get 3 options to reset settings, reset network settings, reset accessibility settings
  5. Reset all the three settings

All 3 above-mentioned setting options are interrelated with each other, so reset all of them and restart your device. After that, try connecting your device with the hotspot. This method will surely help you to fix the not connecting issue. But in case if this trick doesn’t work any need to panic. Below I will tell you another way.

Update Software

Suppose if your device has a software update, then I recommend you update to the latest software version of your device because the new update comes with many security options, better Wi-Fi connections, better hotspot connection, and many more.

Additionally, the latest update is accompanied by several new features, great interface, and moreover, it fixes the bugs like network error, Wi-Fi and hotspot error, and many more issues. So if you want to fix the hotspot connection error, then I suggest you update the latest version of your device’s software.

Hopefully, you have a 95% chance to fix the working of the hotspot by updating the software. But unluckily if you come under the 5% and your problem is yet the same, then I suggest you follow the next step which I had mentioned below.

Verify Hotspot Credentials

Many of us have protected the hotspot connection with the password to prevent it from getting connected by any unknown or unauthorized user. And suppose if you want anyone to connect to your hotspot, then they need to fill the security password accurately.

And if they failed to enter the correct password, even a space error, upper case, or lower case will not allow them to connect to your Wi-Fi or hotspot. So if you are confused with the credentials, then it will be better to verify the hotspot credentials and enter them again to connect to a hotspot.

This method will definitely help you to connect the hotspot if you are facing the wrong password issue while connecting to the hotspot.

Disable Data Restriction

Suppose if you have set the limit to restrict the data usage of the device which is connected to your hotspot, then below I had explained the method to disable the data restriction follow these steps to fix the restriction issue.

  1. Open the setting
  2. Click on the portable hotspot
  3. Access the data limit option
  4. Disable the data restriction

After completing the above steps, don’t forget to restart your hotspot. So by doing this, you will be able to use unlimited data from the device to which your device is connected. This will guarantee to help you to overcome the data restriction.

Wrapping It Up

So, guys, this is all about how you can fix the hotspot connection problems. I hope that the methods which I had given in this article will definitely help you to fix hotspots not working or connecting on an android device.

Also, for more tech-related information, bookmark our website. You will always find the latest tricks and tips on our website. And thanks for reading the article; I hope you like this post.

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