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Hide ‘N Seek v1.9.37 Apk + MOD (Unlimited Coins)

Updated on January 1, 2024

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App Name Hide 'N Seek!
Publisher Supersonic Studios LTD expand_more
Genre Action
Size 92M
Version 1.9.37
MOD Info Unlimited Coins
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Requires android Android 5.1

I am sure you have played the traditional Hide ‘N Seek game in your childhood. It’s a classic game where you play either as a hider or a seeker. Hide ‘N Seek MOD Apk brings you the same old experience with some new features.

Here you can build shelters to hide so that seekers have difficulty finding you. Just play with kindness and have a fun time gaming.


Introduce about Hide ‘N Seek

Similar to the old classic game of Hide ‘N Seek, in this version, a player can choose to play as either a hider or a seeker. The only difference is that in the Hide ‘N Seek app, you get to play in a 3D maze setting. This setting makes it easier for the hider to stay out of sight of the seeker. It’s important to avoid getting caught because if you do, you will have to switch to playing the role of the seeker.

As a hider, you can use the available obstacles to your advantage and hide securely. Office desks or cars can be used to build shelters. The boss’s office or a cornfield works as a perfect hideout place, considering the huge hay piles. Therefore, you can see that a hider has some extra time to play with. Moreover, while in the hideout, you can eat and gather gold coins, which unlocks new abilities.

Talking about the seekers, then you really have a tough job to do. Considering the large map, you have to make your moves really carefully. Initially, a seeker in the Hide ‘N Seek apk has to count to three and make his move. Make sure you catch your opponents before 30secs to clear the missions. As seekers, you will receive a unique vision, and anyone in that vision is considered “caught”. Make sure to make unpredictable moves in order to catch the hiders faster.

As a seeker, one thing to keep an eye out for is the possibility of encountering people who need help. They may be trapped in a difficult situation, and offering assistance can be incredibly rewarding. By rescuing them, you can earn valuable bonuses and also use them as bait to catch other hiders. By taking careful steps, you can easily catch a hider using this technique.

Plenty of levels

The variety of cool missions in this game keeps the users interested for a longer period. One of the interesting missions that you might like is the murder mystery mode. In this mission, you can divide your team into two groups, i.e., detective and murderer. 

In the Hide ‘N Seek APK game, a detective is tasked with protecting people from murderers. The only thing to keep in mind is to avoid harming innocent individuals in the process. If you do so, you will end up losing some valuable points.

Proper techniques

Besides the simple gameplay, using proper techniques will help you easily catch the hiders. Making fewer mistakes will help to deceive the opponents easily. Some techniques, such as making sudden runs or covering the vision, can work to your advantage.

You can also navigate through the maze, collecting all the gold coins to intimidate your opponents. While a hider may have multiple hiding spots, making swift moves can give you an advantage. Try to tag them within a 30-second countdown to score more points.

Plenty of building blocks

There are plenty of mini-games available in the Hide ‘N Seek app, making the game more interesting. One such game is “Building Blocks,” where you can challenge your opponents and test their creativity. After the game starts, each player will receive a unique design to build. Try to complete the designs in less time to earn more points.

Addictive interface

The Hide ‘N Seek really offers a smooth interface that runs well on low-end devices too. With its unique 3D visuals and beautiful graphics, the game keeps users interested. The characters are simple and cute to look at.

Talking about the navigation in the Hide ‘N Seek apk, then it’s really simple too. Just using the left and right arrows allows you to move the character along the map.

Mod APK Version of Hide ‘N Seek 

Hide ‘N Seek MOD Apk is a modded (patched) version of the official Hide ‘N Seek. The game comes with top features such as infinite ammo, pet enabled, god mode, etc.

Mod features

Infinite Blocks – Hide ‘N Seek MOD Apk offers users infinite blocks. A hider can use these blocks to make their shelters and hide without being caught.

Download Hide ‘N Seek Apk & MOD for Android 2024 

Hide ‘N Seek MOD Apk is probably the best game to refresh old memories. Similar to the traditional game, both the hider and the seeker have their own specialties. The only difference here is that you can play the game according to your own rules.

Offered by Supersonic Studios LTD, this game provides a multiplayer mode that allows players to connect with others worldwide. Invite your friends and family to join you for a good time and avoid boredom.

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