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Last Day on Earth v1.20.17 Apk + MOD (Mega Menu)

Updated on February 11, 2024

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App Name Last Day on Earth
Publisher KEFIR
Genre Adventure
Size 694M
Version 1.20.17
MOD Info MOD Menu
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Requires android Android 5.1

If you are loved to play post-apocalyptic world games, then Last Day on Earth (MOD) could be the best option for you. Stay survive and collect precious items in a world that are full of zombies, hunger, and unexpected challenges.


Introduce about Last Day on Earth

The Last Day on Earth is a top-notch adventure game. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world using realistic action survival elements. Crafting, leveling, and dungeons are the game’s most impressive features, but its rewards and activities are worth the time. Players can also build and raid each other’s bases to find additional resources and items.

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Expansive world and locations

There are over 20 locations in the entire world of Last Day on Earth, and players will need to spend time or stamina to move from one to another. A variety of resources are offered at every location on the map, including food, minerals, and the environment. Obtaining crafting items and leveling up through countless zombie battles can also be found in some dangerous locations like dungeons.

Simple and intriguing survival gameplay

Despite being top-down, there is an element of survival in the gameplay mechanics. While playing a survival game, the player must collect various resources to improve their lives, including wood, iron, and items, and even defend against incoming zombies. As well as that, they must travel to new lands to find new materials and more advanced weapons and equipment.

Grim Soul is another game from the same developer which comes with a similar type of dark adventure.

Build the sturdiest base

Players are able to design their habitats in a variety of ways with the base-building mechanism in Last Day on Earth. A base allows players to refine countless materials and create products. Additionally, walls, structures, and furniture can be upgraded with more durable materials instead of getting replaced.

Last Day on Earth Apk

In-depth crafting system

Even without a skill system, crafting progress is unlocked with time. Each tool or weapon has its progression and tier, including materials for crafting. In addition to giving players access to that system, they can also access new and more modern crafting stations, which allow them to prepare premium ingredients.

Bunker rich in darkness

As the player explores the bunkers in Last Day on Earth, real challenges become available. The deeper the player goes, the greater the reward they will get. However, all progress is automatically reset after a week. Players will also find new monsters in the bunkers, making gameplay more intense and exciting.

Trade and loot the air crash

Trading is one of the familiar activities of survivors of the post-apocalyptic world, yet they rarely supply players with the necessities. A trader loots items from air crashes that are unique, but everything they sell is random but highly valued. It is possible to come across major accidents while adventuring in the world. These are dangerous locations, with plenty of loot.

Last Day on Earth MOD Menu Apk

With Last Day on Earth Apk, the post-apocalyptic survival genre can look forward to more entertaining content. The game also comes with multiplayer, allowing players to interact with one another and form strong survival communities.

Mod APK Version of Last Day on Earth

Last Day on Earth Mod Apk is a modded version of the official Last Day on Earth game that provides you lots of resources and premium upgrades for free.

Mod features

Mega Menu – In the Last Day on Earth Mod Apk 2024, you will have a mega menu feature so you can have all the modded things in one place.


Turn on ‘Draw over other apps’ from the setting. Otherwise, MOD Menu will not work.

Last Day on Earth MOD Apk v1.20.16 for Android

You can play Last Day on Earth Mod Apk with all unlockable features like free crafts, immortality, and much more.

The game allows you to create your own character. Along with that, you can make an all-terrain vehicle, clothes, and weapons here that will help you get more recipes and blueprints. Firstly, customize your house, then add skills, improve your weapons, and enjoy playing. You can also get help from shepherds and huskies in finding items from high places.

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