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Last Kingdom: Defense v3.1.22 Apk + MOD (Unlimited Money)

Updated on January 1, 2024

App Info

App Name Last Kingdom: Defense
Publisher Studio Ampersand
Genre Strategy
Size 153M
Version 3.1.22
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Get it On Google Play
Requires android Android 5.1

What if you were left with the last kingdom, on the verge of invasion by aliens who are on the move to capture every piece of land? Last Kingdom: Defense MOD Apk brings you an awesome strategy game experience to protect your castle. So, grab your weapons, pick up your teammates, and fight those dangerous enemies.


Introduce about the Last Kingdom: Defense

Last Kingdom: Defense is a tower defense game set in the world of Vikings. Aliens are approaching the last kingdom with all their force, aiming to capture the castle. Your main goal is to build a society using all available resources, and the primary way to strengthen the kingdom is by maintaining its military power. In the Last Kingdom: Defense, there are two types of military forces: the army and the heroes.

Last Kingdom Defense

The armies available here are abundant, and training them is cost-effective. Recruit armies in large numbers and regularly train them to enhance their skills. Additionally, you have an excellent collection of heroes who are more powerful than the armies. Each hero in Last Kingdom: Defense has unique skills and capabilities. However, since your enemy is a formidable force, like the Dark Emperor Zac, relying solely on a few heroes may not be sufficient. Collect multiple heroes with diverse skill sets to increase your chances of winning. Upgrading heroes can help you level up quickly and earn more points during battles. For instance, a mythic hero is similar to a combination of seven-star heroes.

In addition, upgrading scientific powers helps the military to tackle enemies better. As each tower has its unique function, make sure you construct them in appropriate places. Now, what makes the towers so special? So basically, in times of battles, the towers will summon soldiers and heroes. 

The best part of Last Kingdom: Defense is that you can invite your friends to play along. The real-time multiplayer PvP battle mode allows you to challenge any player globally. Join forces on the battlefield and dominate opponents like never before. The game also offers a ranking system to check where you stand on the global list. Conquer the maximum number of territories and become the ruler of all clans.

Unlimited exploration

Extension of power is essential to prove dominance over other clans. Covering more land means maximum players to join you in this journey. Besides aliens, you also have to encounter many dangerous forces in the Last Kingdom: Defense Apk. The terrain ranges from high mountains to endless deserts and the deepest of oceans. Also, be careful, as the dungeon bosses roam around freely and are always ready to attack. 

Unlimited growth

On defeating and conquering kingdoms, you will receive experience points (XP). On gaining enough XP points in Last Kingdom: Defense, the stats of your heroes will increase. The stats include attack, damage, health, defense, etc.

Last Kingdom Defense Apk

Moreover, the income per second will continue to generate even if the constructing units are not working properly. Thus you are never out of resources while upgrading the kingdom. 

Multiple bases

Last Kingdom: Defense offers a vast map for players to explore. The best part is that you can control multiple bases on a single map simultaneously. During your missions, you may face various waves of enemy attacks. Launching attacks is effortless when you have an active base, and the heroes can regenerate quickly.

Use the Viking to chase off an approaching pirate attack. Besides, for an incoming Egyptian army, then you can switch to ranged units.

Smooth controls

Last Kingdom: Defense offers 3d  graphics with vibrant colors. Controlling the players here is simple, with easy-to-use features. Navigate the game characters by just using your thumbs. Activities like jumping, running, attacking, etc., can easily be done through these buttons.

If you are looking for similar defense games, then you should try Bloons TD and Almost a Hero.

Mod APK Version of Last Kingdom: Defense

Last Kingdom: Defense MOD Apk is a modified version of the official Last Kingdom: Defense game. The game consists of premium features such as one-hit kill and unlimited energy.

Mod features

Unlimited Health – In Last Kingdom: Defense MOD Apk, your character will possess unlimited health. Thus go for endless battles exploring the awesome landscapes.

Unlimited Money – You can purchase any premium items from the shop for free.

Download the Last Kingdom: Defense Apk & MOD for Android 2024

Offered by Studio Ampersand, Last Kingdom: Defense is a three-dimensional strategy game that allows you to build the strongest kingdom and protect it from evil aliens. The combat towers act as a shield and also deploy the army when necessary. Besides protecting your kingdom, you can go on raids and reduce enemy armies.

Moreover, you can invite players from around the world to join your clan. Share strategies with one another and execute plans in a uniform manner. Also, you can join various game forums to find active players related to the game.

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