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Programming Hub v5.2.11 Apk + MOD (Pro Unlocked)

Updated on March 13, 2024

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App Name Programming Hub
Publisher Coding and Programming
Genre Education
Size 25M
Version 5.2.11
MOD Info Pro Unlocked
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Requires android Android 10.0 expand_more
android Android 10.0
wifi Internet connection required

Are you looking for a mobile application to learn various programming languages? If yes, then Programming Hub MOD Apk is for you. Learn to code like an expert and enjoy programming like never before.


Introduce about Programming Hub 

Programming is a field that has gained increased popularity in the past few decades. It plays a significant role in most present-day innovations. Acquiring this skill is made easy if you follow a systematic learning procedure. Programming Hub offers a collection of programming languages, tutorials, and coding exercises. The lessons in this application are updated and presented. All the courses are well-researched and presented in collaboration with Google experts. Therefore, you can learn to code like an expert and enjoy the journey as if it were a game.

Talking about the user interface of Programming Hub, it’s straightforward. When you start the application, you’ll be asked about your motive for using this platform. Set a reminder to receive updates for your lessons regularly. About 93% of users appreciate timely reminders to keep their learning progress on track. Be sure to sign up with Google to save all of your progress.

The home screen consists of all the trending courses presented systematically. This allows you to have a fun time learning and quickly upgrade your skills.

In-depth Knowledge

The app provides vast programming courses covering popular languages like Python, Java, etc. Users can choose their preferred learning path based on their interests and goals.

If you are into object-oriented high-level programming languages, then opt for Java. On the other hand, C programming is a powerful general-purpose language, best for beginners. The most popular language here is C++, used for systems programming, numerical and scientific computing, web development, writing compilers, console games, etc.

Programming Hub introduces you to HTML for quickly creating web pages. HTML is a markup language commonly used for online documents. Additionally, you can delve into JavaScript, a web programming language widely supported by most browsers.

If you’re interested in statistical analysis, graphics representation, and reporting, consider diving into R Programming and embark on your journey. Other popular languages available include Swift, Jquery, and Assembly. This way, you can kickstart your career with the abovementioned courses.

Support Tools

Programming Hub introduces 5000+ programs in 100+ programming languages, and the numbers are continuously increasing. The platform boasts the most extensive pre-compiled programs with output available for practice. Interestingly, its fastest compiler supports the compilation of over 20 programming languages simultaneously. This means that the concept-based illustrations provided here allow users to code fun and engagingly.

The app includes a built-in code editor or playground to practice with different code snippets. Explore the progress tracking area to check the completed lessons, achievements, and learning milestones.

Programming Hub supports video tutorials that provide visual demonstrations and explanations of various concepts.

Simple Controls

Programming Hub is famous for its lightweight features and unique controls. Use the search button to explore projects of your choice. When you click on your preferred course, lessons are systematically distributed. Make sure you look for certified videos, as they are from verified sources.

On the bottom of the screen, a progress icon will be available. Add projects here to keep track of the courses. This way, you can write, execute, and experiment with code examples directly within the app. If the compilation fails, the screen will display a list of errors for users to correct.

Amazing Challenges

Programming Hub introduces various challenges and events to keep the students interested. Currently, 131 certificates are available for unlocking. This undoubtedly enhances your portfolio and is a valuable addition to your resume. Additionally, new machine learning and artificial intelligence courses have been introduced, opening up new opportunities. The bite-sized lessons make it the ideal platform for learning new concepts.

Programming Hub introduces various badges and streaks to motivate the learners. Additionally, the leaderboard displays information about other learners who have completed projects. Participate in events to develop commands that solve real-life issues.

Mod APK Version of Programming Hub

Programming Hub MOD Apk is a modified version of the official Programming Hub app, featuring modded elements such as exclusive courses and unlimited access.

Mod features

Pro Unlocked – Access pro features from day one without spending any money, eliminating the need to purchase them as required in the official application.

Unlimited Access – You will have unlimited access for free. This will help you become job-ready and aim for the highest salary possible.

Download Programming Hub Apk & MOD for Android

Programming Hub MOD Apk is the best educational platform to learn coding from the basics. The platform was chosen as the editor’s application, which justifies its popularity.

Join the community forum, where you will meet coders worldwide. Share ideas and ask queries to stay updated with the latest information.

Make sure you answer the community queries to help individuals who are in need. Please invite your friends and family to introduce them to this perfect learning tool. If you have more questions regarding Programming Hub, please list them below in the comments.

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