Youtube Music Vs. Spotify (Which One Is The Best) 2023

In today’s digital world, music streaming platforms like Youtube Music Vs. Spotify are growing at a lightning speed, and the reason behind it is the unexceptional rise of technology. There are thousands of music streaming applications available on the Android Marketplace but choosing among them is a difficult task for many of us.

So today, we will compare the two most popular beast music apps Spotify Music vs Youtube Music in this post. Both the platforms come with great features but have some limitations too that will be described in the below sections. So before the comparison lemme give brief information about these applications.

What is Spotify

Spotify Player

Spotify is one of the highest downloaded music streaming applications on the play store with hundreds of millions of active users from all around the world.

In this app, you can discover the music of any mood and the best thing is that every newly released song is instantly added to this platform. You will be surprised to know that Spotify offering its services in 78 countries since it was founded in 2006.

What is Youtube Music

Youtube Music Cover

Youtube Music has launched some years ago and gets viral in no time because of its exclusive features and popularity. You will get recommendations according to your location, mood, and time which makes it more compatible.

The application provides lots of thrilling features such as multiple supported platforms, high-quality songs, and music video streaming which helps it grab 500 million users.

The Ultimate Guide on Spotify vs Youtube Music

Spotify is highly personalized and lets you sort your songs according to the mood while on Youtube Music you can save songs in your native languages on playlists. Finding your favorite artist songs is quite easy by using the advantage search function of both networks.

Music library

Both Youtube Music and Spotify have a massive library packed with millions of high-quality songs in every genre. However, Spotify reveals the data that it currently contains 40 million songs in its library, on the other hand, Youtube Music fails to disclose how much music content is available in their database.

But we can’t decline that, Youtube will never let you feel down with their search results and provides you quicker results live Spotify. Many exclusives songs are continuously updated in these apps but somehow Youtube Music dominates in this section because of its extensive catalog of songs.

Free subscription with limitations

Youtube Music and Spotify are known for providing great services to their users for free. But unfortunately, you have to face lots of limitations in the free subscription of each provider that makes us feel annoying. However, there are dozens of features to enjoy for free in both the apps like a personalized library, nonstop music, and more.

Spotify allows you to enjoy the live streaming of your favorite podcasts and music of different genres on your smartphones, Chromecast, and PCs. You can easily create your playlist of thousands of songs and share them directly with your friends.

Limitations in Spotify (Free Subscription)

  • No Offline Listening which means you can’t download your favorite songs.
  • So many irritating ads even while listening to songs.
  • Audio Quality can not be pushed above 160kbps.

In Youtube Music, there will be no restriction in skipping the songs but you cannot download them if you are a free subscriber. Also, your music streaming audio quality will not be more than 128kbps that eventually limits our listening experience. The best thing that I like most about YouTube music is that the songs will not stop even your device screen turns off.

Pricing and plans

Spotify and YouTube Music also offer premium features to their subscribers but to access them you have to purchase their premium plans. The pricing of both networks is quite similar but may differ according to the locations.

Spotify Premium costs around $9.99 per month if you opt for a single-user monthly premium plan while the price slightly increases for two users’ plans i.e, $12.99. Feel free to get a huge discount on a plan for students that costs around $4.99 but for that, you must have a valid student id card. If your full family is fond of listening to music then purchasing a family plan is the ideal choice for you and it costs $14.99 for six accounts.

Now, when it comes to YouTube music then they have multiple plans with different pricing which are mentioned below:

  1. $4.99 plan for students
  2. $9.99 a month for a single user
  3. $14.99 plan for a family pack (up to six accounts)

Music discovery

Youtube Music is much better than any music streaming site if we talk about music discovery and the reason behind it is Google. Youtube is a product of Google which contains lots of information about you and provides great results in music discovery. If you forgot the song name then type any word you remember of that and the rest will be smartly done by Youtube music. There is a “The Hotlist” feature in this app that keeps you updated with the trending things in the music industry.

Spotify has a great algorithm that also delivers good results according to your search query but can’t personalize in such a way as YouTube Music does. But they are constantly working on it, and decent impacts can be seen on the weekly playlist updates. In Spotify, you have to select your interests during the registration of your account to get personalized suggestions.

Wrapping It Up

So that’s it, I hope you all enjoy this post and get enough knowledge about both the music streaming platforms. Still, if you have any doubts while choosing one of them then don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section.

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