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Homescapes v6.8.1 Apk + MOD (Unlimited Stars)

Updated on February 9, 2024

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App Name Homescapes
Publisher Playrix expand_more
Genre Casual
Size 149M
Version 6.8.1
MOD Info Unlimited Stars
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Requires android Android 5.1 expand_more
android Android 5.1
wifi_off Can be used offline

Have you ever dreamed of living in a customized house where every corner is designed according to your preferences? If yes, then Homescapes MOD Apk is for you. Play through a series of puzzles by setting up rooms and eventually build your dream home.


Introduce about Homescapes

Imagine walking into a home where every corner provides warmth and comfort. Sounds exciting, right? With Homescapes, you can unleash your interior design abilities to create stylish living spaces.

The game revolves around Austin, who is the protagonist of this story. Austin returns to his native land, which is filled with nostalgic memories. The mansion where he lived earlier is in bad condition and needs immediate renovation. Interestingly, he convinced his parents not to sell this property to complete the renovation.

Initially, the game starts with replacing the old carpet with a new one. The to-do list consists of all the required tasks that need to be completed to clear missions. Display your designer skills to decorate the kitchen, hall, and other housing areas. Install new stairs, restore statues, and replace sofas for a customized look.

As the game progresses, new items that can be added to your house will be unlocked. The best part is all your progress can be saved within the game. Experience an unlimited dose of entertainment with fun creatures by your side.

Add Multiple Accessories to Design Room

Homescapes allows users to change room designs by adding multiple accessories. Begin by replacing the armchair with a brand-new one. You have three color options: blue, yellow, and red.

Next, change the cabinet where you can display your trophies and achievements. Install wall lights to complement the wallpapers and give the rooms a colorful look. Finally, you can place a globe at the center of the house. This provides you with clear knowledge about various locations around the world.

Other accessories that can be added include a cupboard, tea table, TV, wardrobe, mirror, etc. Install a flowering plant to beautify the room elegantly. Place a scarecrow in the garden to chase away annoying chickens. Installing the scarecrow on the roofs chases away crows, which tend to steal items from the mansion.

Complete Renovation

Renovation in Homescapes involves repairing the old items in the mansion. Initially, you can start by fixing the floors and adding colorful tiles. Then, move on to repairing the stairs, as the old ones have rusted all around. Next, ensure the radio receiver is in working order to receive news and entertainment throughout the day. Lastly, replacing the stove enables faster food preparation.

While exploring the bathroom area, you might find the sink is not working. It has been a while since a wrench has been used, so it needs special care. Be cautious while fixing or adding a new sink. When repairing the pipes, remember to turn off the water connection to prevent any damage to the kitchen. Additionally, when entering the kitchen, make sure to air out the gas to avoid any discomfort.

Multiple Pets

When the game starts, you will meet a cute fluffy cat roaming the house. Play with the cat to refresh your mood and earn some additional points. Keep feeding the cats regularly and get them a basket to provide warmth during winter. Also, install a cat tower so they can have a good time around the house.

To ward off boredom, consider getting an aquarium filled with beautiful fish. Additionally, you can bring a parrot into a cage to interact with later. Remember that sometimes the parrot might escape its enclosure, so catch it before it gets lost.

Simple and Attractive Interface

The overall interface of Homescapes is straightforward. The game offers imaginative designs with cute 3D characters. The areas around the gameplay grid represent the old house you’ll be renovating. As you progress, various rooms with unique designs and themes will unlock. The number of stars you’ve earned is displayed on the top right of the screen, and these are essential for progressing with the home renovation.

In addition, you also receive boosters and power-ups to complete missions more efficiently.

Mod APK Version of Homescapes

Homescapes MOD Apk is a modified version of the official Homescapes game. It includes additional features such as increased stars, unlimited coins, and more, enhancing your gameplay experience.

Mod features

Character Logos – Multiple character logos are unlocked in the game, allowing you to set any of these characters as your profile picture to suit your preference.

Unlimited Coins – You can get unlimited coins which you can use to unlock any premium items.

Download Homescapes Apk & MOD for Android 2024

Thus, Homescapes MOD Apk is an exciting game for transforming houses and their characters. Considering its compelling storyline, it offers more than just an escape into the world of gaming. Step into the enchanting world of Austin and create the home of your dreams.

You can invite your friends in Homescapes to play along. If you have more queries regarding this game, please list them in the comment section.

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