How to install xAPK APKs and (APK + OBB)

How to install xAPK, APKs, ZIP (APK + OBB) on Android

Updated on May 9, 2022

Are you curious about what an APK is? What is the purpose of an APK in the case of installing a MOD game or an app? You need to read and know everything about the APK before installing it.


Introduce about APK

What is an APK?

In the Android operating system, APK refers to an installer package for applications. APKs are ZIP archives with .apk extensions and using the JAR format.

What is the purpose of APK?

  1. Sometimes, you might be interested in playing new games and apps that you can’t get on Google Play.
  2. Access blocked or restricted apps on Google Play.
  3. Play Store app not working on your smartphone / Play Store app won’t open
  4. You can also install paid apps by downloading APKs.

What is OBB?

An app’s data file is called an OBB. Some apps may or may not require an Obb. TechyMotion posts will include Obb download links, so you will need to download them when they are available.

What is APKs?

We won’t be able to share APK anymore because of Android App Bundles. Switch to APKs.

As the name suggests, APKs contain many APK files gathered into a single file.

Installing APKs is usually not possible. Installing APKs requires XAPKS Installer.

What is XAPK?

The XAPK format can be used to store both APKs and OBB. In short, you don’t need to separately download .APK and OBB files.

How to Install Guide

Install an APK file

Here are the steps to install APK on Android.

  1. Get the .apk file on TechyMotion.
  2. Locate the .apk file you downloaded and open it.
  3. Tap on Install Button.

Note: To avoid errors, please ensure Play Protect is disabled.

Install an APKs / XAPK / OBB

APK, XAPK, and OBB files can now easily be installed. Below are the steps to follow.

  1. Launch XAPKS Installer and click Install
  2. Locate the downloaded APKs / XAPK / OBB file and then Select a file
  3. The installation window will appear. Click Install.

Note: APKs can be installed only with the XAPKS Installer. Download the APK here or find it on Google Play.

Final Words

You can download APKs, XAPKs, OBB, and XAPKs at TechyMotion by following the instructions above. Do not forget to like, share, and leave a comment if you find this helpful article.

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