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BetterSleep v24.4 Apk + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

Updated on March 13, 2024

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App Name BetterSleep
Publisher Ipnos Software
Genre Health-Fitness
Size 271M
Version 24.4
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
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Requires android Android 5.1

Are you fed up with your irregular sleep cycle and looking for a solution? If yes, then BetterSleep MOD Apk is for you. The application aims to improve your sleep cycle by suggesting various sleeping patterns. Moreover, it provides soothing sounds to enhance your bedtime.


Introduce about BetterSleep

Good sleep is vital to a person’s overall physical and mental health. This is because the body repairs itself during sleep and improves blood flow. Moreover, it is considered one of the best energy boosters. Proper sleep also avoids the risk of dangerous diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc. In addition, it improves creativity, productivity, and the ability to make proper decisions. But nowadays, we often need to help maintain an appropriate sleep cycle due to busy work schedules. The BetterSleep app, your sleep assistant, is a straightforward solution to this issue.

The BetterSleep app helps you control your sleep thanks to the various available tools. The platform has 300+ soothing audios, along with music and meditations. On starting with the application, you can have the option to choose any of your desired sounds. Some popular sleep assistants include meditation, bedtime stories, breathing exercises, etc. Exciting sounds of birds, oceans, and wind are available for better sleep. Another feature to look out for is the journal section. You can track the sounds you made while asleep, including snoring, coughing, farting, etc. Finding a solution to these can also provide a positive result.

The advanced sensors of BetterSleep Premium also track your sleeping patterns and sleep stages. Quickly have detailed insights about your sleeping habits and have a personalized solution if required. To find your body’s sleep schedule, click the sleeper option and discover your Chronotype. Later add details such as your wake-up timings and bedtime schedules. Enter additional information, like your active and lazy hours, for more detailed results. Analyzing all provided details, BetterSleep will entitle you to a chronotype. According to a survey, Chipmunk, i.e., productive during daylight, is the most common Chronotype.

Set the sleeping goals according to the hours of sleep you need. On setting an alarm, a notification will be sent to the device. Thus give your body the required amount of rest for better productivity.

Multiple relaxing sounds

A relaxed and soothing sound is considered the best situation for a peaceful sleep. This is the reason individuals prefer to move towards the countryside for vacations. Around 300+ such sounds, music beats, and tones are available and designed by experts. Widespread nature sounds include wind, rustling leaves, birds, and crackling fire. In addition, water sounds such as rainstorms, oceans, slow waves, and lapping water are also available.

I prefer the meditation sounds here, which include instruments and ambient melodies. The sounds in BetterSleep are available in various frequencies, i.e., from 174Hz-528Hz.

Bedtime stories and SleepTales

Since childhood, our parents used to recite various bedtime stories. This indeed sounds interesting and helps to sleep faster. But because of our busy schedules, we hardly spend time with our parents. Well, don’t worry, as BetterSleep Premium offers 200+ bedtime stories.

The stories belong to various genres, i.e., Fairytale, Mystery, Sci-fi, Fantasy, History, etc. In addition, stories of kids’ genres, non-fiction, myths, and legends are also available. The narration here is high pitch and at a slow pace for better understanding.

Track sleep moves

BetterSleep brings a series of bedtime relaxation techniques in collaboration with sleep experts. Following them properly prepares us for stress-free sleep. Initially, you get the mini theme which lets you unwind quickly. If you are out somewhere, then switch to the travel mode. This tool works well to reduce homesickness. Moreover, it has something to offer to married couples also. The together theme will help you have a relaxed moment with your partner.

In addition, record your sleep, whether you snore or talk in an unconscious state. Later on, listening to the recording, you can identify the issues and take the necessary steps.

Smooth interface

The interface offered by BetterSleep is indeed simple. All the required tools are placed in a categorized manner. Most features are available on the main screen for easy accessibility. In addition, the colors used are attractive and will keep you interested in the platform.

Mod APK Version of BetterSleep

BetterSleep MOD Apk is a modded version of the official BetterSleep – Sleep Tracker application. Some premium features here are sleep recordings and 500+ stories.

Mod features

Premium Unlocked – You can enjoy all the premium features of BetterSleep.

Sleep Stats – In BetterSleep Premium Apk, you can see complete statistics of your sleeping patterns.

Removed Ads – All third-party ads are removed.

Download BetterSleep Apk & MOD for Android 2024

Sleeping disorder is a major issue that directly affects mental health. BetterSleep MOD Apk is an effective application to track your sleep activities by adding a reminder. Using the platform as directed will help you avoid further health issues. Moreover, if you find this application helpful, then share it with your friends and family.

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