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Bottle Shooting Game v2.8.0 Apk + MOD (Unlock All Chapters)

Updated on March 18, 2024

App Info

App Name Bottle Shooting Game
Publisher Sigma App Labs
Genre Arcade
Size 40M
Version 2.8.0
MOD Info Unlock All Chapters
Get it On Google Play
Requires android Android 5.1 expand_more
android Android 5.1
wifi_off Can be used offline

Are you interested in a catapult shooting game that requires you to shoot random targets? If yes, then Bottle Shooting Game MOD Apk is for you. Aim your catapult to take down colourful bottles and earn exciting rewards.


Introduce about Bottle Shooting Game

Shooting games are always fun, requiring you to eliminate all the on-screen objects. Bottle Shooting Game offers similar gameplay, where you must clear colourful bottles. The primary weapon in this game is the Catapult. Make sure to pull the Catapult fully to gather more power. The bottles are made of glass, breaking easily when they hit the ground. Moreover, upon being hit, the bottle breaks instantly.

Bottle Shooting Game Apk

The overall gameplay is based on physics to hit the targets correctly. This adds a layer of challenge as you need to take care of factors like gravity, wind speed, etc. Adjust the shooting angles with the dotted lines displayed on the screen. It is not necessary to always pull the trigger with full strength. Act according to the situation and stay calm to score more points. The cracking sounds made due to glass breaking are soothing while completing missions. Earn stars after completing each mission successfully, which is beneficial for climbing the leaderboard.

Colourful Arenas

Engaging in challenging missions across colourful arenas is always exciting. Bottle Shooting Game offers three beautiful arenas: Forest World, Desert World, and Snowy World. The interface of the forest world is vibrant, with the sun glowing brightly. The cloud-covered sky and birds flying around give an exciting experience. The surroundings are covered with trees, and shades of huge mountains can be seen clearly.

Next comes the desert world, filled with cacti and windmills at uniform distances. The absence of wind makes it easy to aim at the targets efficiently. The final arena is the Snowy World, providing an intense chilly vibe. The rivers are frozen, and the whole landscape is covered in snow. The stars twinkling brightly in the night sky are something that attracts gamers. Thus, earn the required number of stars to unlock all the arenas.

Bottle Shooting Game Apk for Android

Challenging Levels

Bottle Shooting Game offers multiple challenging levels to test your slingshot skills. You get to challenge yourself by using logic to knock down all the bottles. The game becomes more complex as you progress, allowing you to become the ultimate player. The bottles are not always placed on a uniform surface. Sometimes, the surface might be seen moving, making it difficult to aim. The wooden logs on the screen also work as obstacles during the journey.

In some Bottle Shooting Game missions, giant boulders are observed. It would be best if you hit these boulders multiple times to dislodge them from their places.

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Immersive Graphics

The graphics of Bottle Shooting Game contribute to the game’s overall atmosphere. The main targets in this game are bottles, which range from realistic to stylized or cartoonish designs. They have varying colours and, when hit, often break into pieces, which can be visually satisfying. These effects add realism and excitement to the gameplay.

All the necessary features of the Bottle Shooting Game are displayed on the main screen. The top left of the screen displays the required number of balls available to hit the targets. The top right of the screen includes two buttons – rewind and pause. If you fail the tasks, you can rewind the game as often as possible.

Daily Challenges

The majority of gamers prefer challenges as they develop a sense of competitiveness. Bottle Shooting Game aims to keep the game interesting by introducing simple tasks regularly. In the Forest World, which serves as your initial arena, earn the maximum number of stars quickly. 120 stars from the Forest World are required to unlock the Desert Arena. Similarly, 40 stars from the Desert Arena are needed to unlock the Snowy Arena. Thus, you can see how engaging the game is, where clearing missions is the only way out.

Mod APK Version of Bottle Shooting Game

Bottle Shooting Game MOD Apk is a modified version of the official Bottle Shooting Game, featuring modded elements such as menu mode and one-hit score.

Mod features

One-Hit Score – You get the one-hit score for free. This will eliminate all the bottles in one shot.

Unlock All Chapters – All the paid Chapters are unlocked in this modded version for free.

Download Bottle Shooting Game Apk & MOD for Android

Bottle Shooting Game MOD Apk is among the best catapult shooting games available. As an offline game, it allows you to play anywhere and anytime. The variety of missions is something that keeps gamers interested for longer hours. The straightforward gameplay enables players of all ages to enjoy to the fullest. Invite your friends to play along and earn exciting rewards while aiming to top the leaderboard.

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