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Godus v0.0.28398 Apk + MOD (Unlimited Belief)

Updated on March 4, 2024

App Info

App Name Godus
Publisher 22cans
Genre Simulation
Size 320M
Version 0.0.28398
MOD Info Unlimited Belief
Get it On Google Play
Requires android Android 5.1

Are you looking for an opportunity to create your own world and rule there as you want? This might sound unreal, but you can do the same in Godus MOD Apk.

Enjoy this simulation game and build a human civilization with limited resources.

Here you can get the realistic experience of a God as everything depends on you. The place is indeed majestically surrounded by beautiful lands and fast-flowing waters.


Introduce about Godus

Godus is a trending simulation game in which you have to play the role of God (the supreme power). But the tasks in this application are not at all easy as you have to build a civilization.

Initially exploring the environment will give you hints about the place and unlock mysteries. 

Godus Apk

The civilization will start from the human age and then go to the bronze age. Later this will extend to the iron age and so on. With each era, new skills and abilities will be unlocked to build a stronger community. 

As a creator, your major aim in Godus is to protect and guide tiny people. Help them to fight all odds and build a strong community to survive longer. You will encounter many disasters such as volcanoes, meteors, fire spreads, etc.

Help your people fight these and be a hero in their eyes. Besides these, there are many in-game adventures with awesome storylines that you will surely love.

The gameplay is really easy, as you only have to tap and drag. Moreover, all the game instructions are regularly displayed on the screen to understand the game better. The interesting part of this game is you can spend hours playing games as it’s really addictive. Also, once a community is built, your world keeps progressing in your absence too.

Lots of Obstacles

Although the environment looks calm and full of beauty, it’s not always the same. Dangers always seem to lurk around in the form of evil people. Their sole goal is to destroy your lands and bring a stop to your earnings.

Also, there might be other Gods who try to create a nuisance to your peaceful land. You, as a creator, must find a way to fight those and bring peace to your place. The only suggestion I would like to give you is to be super alert all the time.

On being a little loose, the opponents might find a way to destroy your land.

The reason you should protect your kingdom from being attacked is the building takes a lot of struggle. Godus indeed gives you a chill experience throughout the journey.

Build everything

When you land in Godus the first time, you realize that all structures are destroyed. But that’s not a big issue as you are the God, i.e. the creator over there. Just interact and get in touch with the world-building with just a few taps. Initially, construction starts with two people who assist you in the construction/expansion of various routes.

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Different terrains can be created, including rivers, trees, mountains, etc. Not only that, but you can also create weather for different areas. This will stimulate growth in various regions, and rain helps the trees and crops to grow. 

Inspire your followers

As you are a God then surely there will be many followers of you. These followers will help you to build civilization and perform various tasks. In Godus, your initial followers will be a man and a woman. Later they will breed to create new followers for you and increase the numbers.

Some followers will work hard in the field and help in growing wheat and grains. Thus you being a role model, work hard to ensure their safety.

Simple interface

Godus offers a simple yet attractive interface to keep its audience addicted to the game. Thanks to the in-depth graphical settings, smooth and satisfying gameplay can be experienced. If you are using a low-end device, then set your graphic options to “Minimum”. Whereas if you are using a high-end device then simply set the graphic option to “Ultra”. 

Moreover, the sound effects in Godus are addictive too. The exciting sound effects will motivate you to complete missions with ease.

Mod APK Version of Godus

Godus MOD Apk is a modded version of the official Godus game. It’s an addictive simulation game that gives you the power of being a God. All the power to control the place is in your hands.

Mod features

Unlimited Resources – As you know, resources are really important to build any country. Here in Godus MOD Apk, the resources are plenty to build anything.

Download Godus Apk & MOD for Android 2024

Godus is presently the best simulator game in the app stores. Offered by 22cans, it has a unique storyline combined with addictive gameplay. You are free to extend your civilization and interact with locals to get suggestions. 

Well, if you download Godus from Play Store, then most of the features are locked. To unlock premium features, you have to spend around $9.99. But if you download the Godus MOD Apk from the given link, all the features are unlocked for free.

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