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Crush Them All v2.0.571 Apk + MOD (Free Hero, Job Level Up)

Updated on March 6, 2024

App Info

App Name Crush Them All - PVP Idle RPG
Publisher Imperia Online JSC
Genre Role Playing
Size 131M
Version 2.0.571
MOD Info Free Hero, Job Level Up
Get it On Google Play
Requires android Android 5.1 expand_more
android Android 5.1
wifi_off Can be used offline

Are you looking for an intense role-playing game where you have to fight deadly monsters? If yes, then Crush Them All MOD Apk is for you. Explore the dangerous land, clearing out the bloodthirsty demons, and eventually rescue the beautiful princess.


Introduce about Crush Them All 

Protecting your loved ones from demons is a dream of many. Crush Them All introduces you to such situations as the game starts in a short comic style. The story begins with Luka, the first hero in this adventure.

Ordered by the king, he takes the princess for a walk in the nearby forest. Luka is assigned to protect the princess outside the walls of the castle. Mesmerized by the beauty of the forest, the princess ventures far ahead toward the center. This is where the problem starts. The monster captures the princess, giving rise to unlimited battles.

Throughout the game, your objective is to destroy the enemies and their crystals to secure a win. Assemble a team of strong heroes who are quick and possess upgraded skills. Upon reaching every 100th stage, you will face a formidable, powerful boss monster. It would help if you also contended with weaker enemies that emerge from the crystal. Given that each monster has unique capabilities, prepare your strategies accordingly. Additionally, you can also participate in guild events to earn exciting rewards.

Various Heroes 

All the heroes in Crush Them All are classified according to their fighting styles. Based on their attack and defense styles, they are placed into rare, epic, and legendary sections. The Crushers exhibit excellent attacking speed and possess high defensive capabilities. Additionally, the Brawlers bring additional bonuses with their attack patterns.

As for the Knights, they boast the highest survival rates. Meanwhile, the Robber class heroes are best suited for PvP battles.

The Samurai have high movement speed along with rapid attack rates. The only issue with them is their low health, so plan your attacks accordingly.

Heroes of the Arrow class have a balanced indicator considering their swiftness, accuracy, and damage. If you encounter flying monsters, seek the help of the Mages. They excel at long-range attacks and deliver critical damage. Support heroes are adept at defense and provide healing at regular intervals.

Abilities and Boosters

Crush Them All provides various boosters to give you an upper hand against enemies. Heroes with poison abilities can use infections to slow down opposing attacks. The cooling effect freezes enemies in the battle arena. On the other hand, set your opponent on fire with the ignition effect. The rage potion significantly increases the hero’s speed and damage percentage, enabling you to clear the enemy base swiftly.

Want to stun the monsters in their path? Use the stunning potion that lasts for a few seconds. The ranger class heroes can deliver critical damage through swiftness and anger.

Smooth Controls

The overall controls of Crush Them All are straightforward. Use your fingers to tap and navigate the characters. Additionally, you can slash the crystals to earn exciting rewards. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll find information about heroes, villages, artifacts, battles, and guilds. Upgrade the accessories to their maximum so the town operates automatically when you are away.

On reaching level 100, join the guild to earn exciting perks. This will allow you to purchase medals for the heroes.

Use the elements according to the type of enemies you encounter. Remember that water beats fire, fire beats earth, and earth beats water. This strategy will be beneficial while fighting the big bosses.

Simple Interface

The bright colors and vibrant characters help to keep users interested for hours. The graphics are amazing and provide an intense feel when out on adventures. In addition, frequent in-game tutorials are provided, benefiting players of all ages. Interestingly, players can use the RPG pixels to customize the characters accordingly.

The terrains of Crush Them All offer a thrilling experience. It takes you through the deepest of forests, across flowing rivers, and over hilly mountains. Thus, have a great time enjoying its visuals.

Mod APK Version of Crush Them All 

Crush Them All MOD Apk is a modified version of the official Crush Them All – PVP Idle RPG game, featuring modded elements such as unlocked skins, raid battles, and god mode.

Mod features

God Mode – You can access God Mode for free. This allows you to quickly destroy the crystals, enabling you to complete missions in no time.

Unlimited Everything – Gain access to unlimited money, coins, and everything from the beginning of the game, enhancing your gaming experience.

Download Crush Them All Apk & MOD for Android

Crush Them All MOD Apk is among the best fighting games featuring many heroes. Plan your attacks strategically, as the boss monsters are always prepared for a fight. Utilize resources to craft materials for upgrading weapons. Additionally, you can invite your friends to compete in Crush Them All and climb the leaderboard.

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