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Hustle Castle v1.85.2 Apk + MOD (God Mode)

Updated on March 13, 2024

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App Name Hustle Castle: Medieval games
Publisher B.V.
Genre Role Playing
Size 284M
Version 1.85.2
MOD Info God Mode
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Requires android Android 5.1 expand_more
android Android 5.1
wifi_off Can be used offline

Are you searching for a role-playing game that returns you to the medieval period? If so, then Hustle Castle MOD Apk is for you. Develop strategies to build castles and expand your empire, growing stronger.


Introduce about Hustle Castle

Have you ever wondered how fun it would be to become the master of medieval castles? The opportunity to rule the empire and its people sounds exciting. However, various challenges come with it, such as proper maintenance and enemy invasions.

Hustle Castle allows you to build your dream castle and battle against evil monsters. The story begins when an evil lord, The Abyss, captures the royal empire. Using a forbidden spell, the enemy vanishes your army, the king, and his daughter. The deadly beast then plans to kill the king and marry the princess. As the main protagonist, it’s up to you to fight the enemy and free the princess.

Hustle Castle Apk

As the invaders are always on the move, build a strong army to chase them away. In your kingdom, you have various types of warriors, including melee, archer, and mage. Each warrior possesses specific skills, so utilize them correctly to deal more damage. Learn new skills to construct buildings, thereby accelerating the development process. Interestingly, the overall controls of Hustle Castle are straightforward. Use your fingers to navigate the in-game characters across the map.

Various Rooms

The rooms in Hustle Castle are divided into Production, Training, and Support Rooms. The Production rooms handle the empire’s overall resources and food requirements. The Treasury rooms are used to produce the gold required for further construction. Fighter rooms are used to train troops belonging to the fighter class. Utilize the laboratory to train the alchemist class and conduct further research.

Support rooms are essential in Hustle Castle, providing crucial support during battles. These rooms include hospitals, living rooms, weapon shops, and more. Enter the magic shop to craft combat spells and use them to gain an advantage in crucial situations, potentially bluffing your opponents.

Increase Population

Various factors contribute to the population increase in Hustle Castle. It largely depends on the happiness index of the individuals involved. Fulfilling wishes or achieving victories in battles leads to an improvement in their moods. Interestingly, you can acquire a pet to gain an instant happiness bonus. Once you’ve met all these conditions, place a man and a woman in the same living space to facilitate breeding. Remember that pregnant women in such situations cannot participate in wars, so recruit more men.

Children born with five stars are sent to practice for various roles, such as fighters, treasurers, cooks, etc. This helps balance the castle’s overall activities and facilitates faster progress.

Hustle Castle Apk Free Download

Daily quests and task

Hustle Castle provides users with daily quests to help them earn exciting gifts. The tasks include viewing advertisements, successfully looting other players, etc. Play the PvP mode to earn victory over various types of enemies. Keep ten chests in stock to open chests or analyze tasks quickly.

Viewing the promotional videos earns you diamonds for free. You can use these diamonds to reduce the construction duration of buildings and produce various spells.

Use the spells to double the battle ability of all your troops. Defeat the boss monsters to win the most awaited boss costumes.

Graphics and Sound

The visually attractive graphics of Hustle Castle keep users engaged for hours. All the required controls are conveniently displayed on the home screen in colorful icons. Exploring the profile section reveals the details of all attacks and defenses. Additionally, the list of collected rewards is showcased within this column.

As battles take place in various locations, you can explore multiple arenas. Each terrain features unique obstacles that must be tackled efficiently.

Background music plays a significant role in creating a comfortable gaming experience. It can set the language of the game to match your location.

Hustle Castle Apk For Android

Mod APK Version of Hustle Castle

Hustle Castle MOD Apk is a modified version of the official Hustle Castle game, featuring modded elements such as Menu Mod and God mode.

Mod features

God Mode – You gain access to the god mode for free. With this mode, you can swiftly eliminate your opponents, ensuring you secure more points.

Download Hustle Castle Apk & MOD for Android

Hustle Castle MOD Apk is an exhilarating RPG filled with numerous exciting adventures. You can invite your friends to enjoy the fun and earn various rewards. Depending on the level of your throne room, your friends can send the required gifts. To accumulate an increased number of rewards, upgrade your clan hall. You can regularly send ten chests, allowing you to open various chests. Additionally, you’ll have access to the live chat feature, enabling communication with players from around the globe.

Log in to save all your future progress in the Hustle Castle. If you have any more queries, please list them below in the comments.

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